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SubconnŽ Circular Series

The SubconnŽ circular series of underwater pluggable electrical connectors was introduced in the late 1970's and today is the leading industrial standard in all marine related markets. The circular series is available in three shell sizes from 2 to 16 contacts rated at 600 V from 5 to 15 Amp. When correctly maintained, the connectors are rated to in excess of 500 underwater matings while still retaining the minimum 200 megaohm insulation resistance.The complete range of inline and bulkhead connectors with associated locking sleeves and dummies are available with special materials

SubconnŽ Low Profile Series

The low profile series was introduced to satisfy demands, from ROV, camera and oceanographic instrument manufacturers, where space was limited or a flush connection was required. The low profile connectors are available in 2 to 9 contacts rated at 600 V from 5 to 15 Amp and like the circular series are rated at over 500 wet matings.The connectors are available in all bulkhead and inline configurations and a snap on locking strap can be supplied.

SubconnŽ Micro Series

The new Subconn "Micro" connector is a development of the well proven standard circular Subconn series. The product has been produced in response to an industry need for a compact, easily assembled and reliable connector for use on equipment such as Oceanographic Sensors, Electronics Bottles, Diving Equipment and general industrial applications. The Micro series is available in the same configurations as the Standard Circular range, i.e. inline plugs and receptacles and bulkheads with either pins or sockets.

SubconnŽ Power Connectors

 Power connectors are available for battery charging, welding and three phase power. The battery charge connector is 2 contact rated at 600 V at 30 Amp. The welding connector is a single contact with a cable size adaptor rated at 1.000 V, 250 Amp. The four contact power connector is rated at 2.500 V at 65 Amp and the in  line connector can be overmoulded to a customer specified cable. The power connector is also available in a flange mount configuration.

SubconnŽ OptoLink Fiber Optic & Hybrid

This range provides a series of options combining both electrical and optical connections within the one shell. The connectors utilize expanded beam technology to ensure a rugged and reliable solution for harsh environments. The emphasis of the design centres on modular construction in order to allow the widest number of options to be offered without changing shell sizes. Both Multi and Single mode fibers can be terminated and strain terminations included if required. Comprehensive optical test equipment is available to ensure optimum performance of all products.

SubconnŽ Metal Shell Series

 The bulkhead series is constructed using a stainless steel flange or through bulkhead industry standard housing with a standard SubconnŽ insert configuration. The connectors are extremely rugged and are ideally suited for ROV and other applications where the connectors are vunerable to physical damage. The series mates with existing SubconnŽ inline connectors and dummies using similar locking sleeves. There are 4 standard shell sizes with 2 to 16 contacts rated 600 V at 5  15 Amp.

Subconn® Ethernet Connectors

This first high speed underwater communications system with true Ethernet type performance is based on industry standard SubConn® connector systems that are tried and trusted in the underwater technology industry. The SubConn® Underwater Ethernet Cable can emulate Cat5e performance and can operate in full ocean depth applications. The connector series, with proven pin and socket design, has been reconfigured to maximise data flow. The mating bulkhead connectors have Cat6 cable for leads with a specially designed interface that eliminates cross talk and noise. Also available with additional conductors for transmitting power.

Subconn® Penetrators

The standard penetrator series is based on industry standard flange and bulkhead mount stainless steel bodies. There are four shell sizes, allowing an extensive combination of products. Both in-line and right angle designs are available in polyurethane and neoprene.

Special Connector Design

The original Subconn design has frequently been used as the basis for a wide variety of specially designed connectors and these have often become standards in themselves. Design changes range from simple mold shape modifications to the use of custom designed housings and exotic materials.

Special Application SubconnŽ Connectors

 There are a number of special connectors in the SubconnŽ range, many designed for specific applications. These include:

Subconn Reference Materials

Torque and Mounting Hole Specs

Standard Cables



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